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Susan Abrams

Susan Abrams

Edmond, OK


I love to sketch and paint, plain and simple! In second grade, I was Artist of the Year after making a puppy out of fabric. I moved on through the grades and caught the bug again in eighth grade. I was drawing a motorcycle and getting to the details of the spokes and such. To my surprise, teachers and students came to look and actually admired my work!

Life went on - marriage and college. I took a detour and majored in something other than Art for, you know --practical reasons. From time to time, I dabbled in pencil sketching; sketching pets for relatives; painting a bit, but never forgetting my dream.

Since I turned a young 50 (the new 30), I decided I had waited long enough to live my passion. Now, in between work and children, I devote my time to sketching and painting - anything and everything - from floors to walls to canvas.

I enjoy painting in acrylics... a wonderfully creative medium. You can add water for opacity and use thick bodied paints to create texture. I still love sketching and tend to mix the two together. I also paint in watercolor and oil. I paint on canvas, walls, concrete, vinyl, wood, clay, brick, metal, and pumpkins!

I have painted many commissioned pieces - princesses, action figure characters, sports, murals, portraits, and more. I have also painted for gifts and for inspiration. I LOVE it...can't wait to do the next "piece" passion comes from my dad, Ralph Moore, who was a wonderful and talented furniture craftsman. He also taught his techniques and was amazing at it. I hope he gets to see my work from heaven! He's probably up there fixing the big table on which everyone gets to eat together.

You can see all of my artwork on my website:

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Regal Red by Susan Abrams


My boy and I by Susan Abrams


Bleeding Flower by Susan Abrams


Lonely Surfer by Susan Abrams


Blue Moon Hammock by Susan Abrams


Fiery Autumn by Susan Abrams


Backyard Tree Memories by Susan Abrams


Snorkeling Maui Turtle by Susan Abrams


Dreaming at Work by Susan Abrams


Hammock Dreams by Susan Abrams


Flower Amidst Drought by Susan Abrams


Christmas Snowman by Susan Abrams


Passion Sun by Susan Abrams


Cheek to Green Cheek by Susan Abrams


A Girl and Her Dog by Susan Abrams


Puppy Warmth by Susan Abrams


Ingrid from Casa Blanca by Susan Abrams


Simply Liz by Susan Abrams


I love Lucy by Susan Abrams